How it began...

by Alina on Mon, 15 Feb 2016

Someone cherished his dream over the last 10 years, ever since he saw the program on TV with story of a couple who purchase a Chateau and convert it into a B&B.

Two people just met, fell in love and decided to share not only a life together, but also a dream.

The original dream was just supplemented with new ideas about creating a beautiful boutique hotel and organizing spectacular events.

Just like that, after numerous viewings of real estate websites with this kind of properties, the idea of making a tour across France with the viewings the most suitable candidate objects has appeared as an excellent opportunity to break away from everyday office life.

Black Mini on Road

Treating this trip as just a small adventure, we had no idea that afterwards we will start to put things in motion.

During our trip, we simply could not ignore all the signs, which were literally dumped on our heads.

This is how all started. Let us introduce ourselves; we are Alina and Tom, welcome to our page. Please join us in our adventure of a lifetime.